Royal Purple has always been dedicated to providing drivers with premium synthetic motor oil, synthetic gear lube, extended-life oil filters and high performance lubricants and additives that give their vehicles more power on the road.

Just as torque is power, knowledge is also power.

To spread that knowledge, this blog is a place for customer and fans to get the latest news and updates about Royal Purple, our products and community at large—including contests and promotions. Through this blog, we aim to offer customers and fans the latest. Because like the vehicles we help achieve peak performance, we prefer not to be in “park.”


Introducing the NEW

If you haven’t visited our page, we invite you to swing by and check it out! Officially launched Monday, Oct. 13, the re-designed site is intended to reflect the events and initiatives supported by Royal Purple including sponsored series and racers, The Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl, and the Royal Purple Truck and TrailerRead More

Purple Ice is Cool Enough to Outperform

Purple Ice Outperforms the Leading Competitor

We could tell you all day long about how our high performance radiator conditioner Purple Ice is better than the other coolant additives on the market, but that’s just self promotion, and why should you take our word for it? We know what usually compels a customer to buy a product is feedback and recommendationsRead More

RB GRC Port of Los Angeles

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Red Bull Rallycross

Last weekend the Red Bull Global Rallycross hosted a doubleheader event at the Port of Los Angeles. Set at the end of Miner St. in San Pedro, the venue featured a scenic California backdrop. The track offered new challenges to drivers with a tight track, longer joker, very limited space to pass if any andRead More

Jose Cisneros, Royal Purple Production Scheduler

5 Minutes with – Royal Purple’s Production Scheduler

This month we get to know Jose Cisneros, Royal Purple’s Production Scheduler. 1. What is your name? – Jose Cisneros III 2. What is your title? – Production Scheduler 3. Summarize what you do at Royal Purple in one sentence. – Schedule orders for customers and build stock for Royal Purple and Calumet Packaging inRead More