Purple Ice Outperforms Top Competitor

Coolant Additive Showdown: Purple Ice Outperforms Top Competitor
We could tell you all day long about how our high performance radiator conditioner Purple Ice is better than the other coolant additives on the market, but that’s just self-promotion, and why should you take our word for it? We know what usually compels a customer to buy a product is feedback and recommendations from those they trust, and hard proof that the product is better than others. Taking that to heart, we had an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved third-party laboratory test to see if Purple Ice outperforms the leading competitor in corrosion protection and anti-foaming capabilities.
The American Society Testing and Materials (ASTM) put Purple Ice head-to-head against the leading competitor in three industry standard engine coolant performance tests.
• ASTM D1384, Standard Test Method for Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware
• ASTM D4340, Standard Test Method for Corrosion of Cast Aluminum Alloys in Engine Coolants Under Heat-Rejection Conditions
• ASTM D1991, Standard Test Method for Foaming Tendencies of Engine Coolants in Glassware. In each test Purple Ice passed

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Aluminum Protection

In the first test, Purple Ice passed where the leading competitor failed due to an unacceptably high rate of aluminum corrosion. Aluminum protection is an important test because more vehicles are rolling off the assembly line with aluminum engines, cylinder heads and radiators. Cooling system corrosion or scale build-up is a legitimate concern for vehicle owners as build-up can lead to reduced cooling efficiency or even cooling system failure. This can lead to poor performance, increased operating temperatures and potential engine failure.

While both products passed the second test, Purple Ice outperformed the leading competitor by a factor of almost four. The maximum allowed weight loss to pass the test is 1.00. Purple Ice produced a .12 weight loss and the competitor’s weight loss was .45.

Less Foam

Purple Ice also passed the third test. The leading competitor? Not so much. It failed due to a high amount of engine foam and it took too long to break in the permitted time. Foam in an engine coolant can cause an accelerated rate of pump impeller erosion and will result in premature water pump failure. Under some conditions, it may also reduce the coolant’s ability to properly transfer heat. Anti-foaming agent used in the leading competitor can form brown slime. This slime will coat and contaminate a cooling system and may reduce long-term cooling system efficiency.

Using the recommended coolant is enough – right?

You may be thinking, “If I already use the manufacturer’s recommended coolant in my vehicle, why do I need an additional conditioner like Purple Ice?” Your vehicle’s cooling system has its work cut out in day-to-day driving situations. Add the stress of ambient temperatures above 80 degrees, stop-and-go traffic, towing or racing applications, and your cooling system may need a little help.
Purple Ice is an easy-to-use additive and is ideal for gasoline and diesel with straight water and water/antifreeze combinations. If you’re using a mixture of water and anti-freeze, Purple Ice boosts the coolant’s heat transfer properties and protects the engine’s internals from corrosion. Using it as recommended can also lower engine temperatures and increase engine performance. We suggest adding a bottle once a year or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. It can also be used in racing applications where straight water is run because glycol-based antifreeze is not allowed.
For more information about Purple Ice Coolant Additive, visit www.royalpurpleconsumer.com/products/purple-ice-radiator-coolant-additive/.

Check out the video below as Car Clinic‘s host Bobby Likis demonstrates the qualities of Purple Ice.

Royal Purple located in Porter, Texas, produces a wide range of high performance lubricants for nearly every consumer and industrial application. Royal Purple’s founder John Williams was a pioneer in the development of high performance synthetic lubricants and collectively, Royal Purple’s formulators have more than 200 years of expertise in developing high performance lubricants. Royal Purple focuses exclusively on developing state-of-the-art lubricants. Unlike companies that primarily focus on fuel and other petroleum byproducts, Royal Purple’s sole mission is to develop products that significantly outperform other synthetic and mineral based oils.


  1. tom lannan

    I have had an overheating problem for 10 years, always in stop and go traffic. With three different mechanics having worked on the problem. None of them have recommended, or even mentioned Royal purple ice. After doing an internet search I came up with Purple ice. I am now on my way out to purchase this product. I hope this stuff works!

    • tom lannan

      Well, I bought the royal ice and put it in. I drove about 50 miles through heavy traffic with little or no positive results. How long should this take? What exactly am I looking for? My heat gauge still goes up too high for my comfort level. Maybe 3/4 to overheat level. Any ideas.

  2. Jared

    Is purple ice safe to use with red (1,000,000 mile) antifreeze? I know some surfactants(which is what I assume purple ice is) are not compatable with oat and long life coolants. I have recently spent over 25 grand on my Diesel engine, so I only want the best for it!

  3. Paul H Asiala

    I bought 2 bottles of Purple Ice, thinking it was what I needed to replace the coolant in my 1996 CBR 900 RR m/c. After reading more about it, I realize that Ice is only an additive. What should I use as a replacement coolant for my m/c? Should I use the Ice with the Purple coolant?

  4. Tony Castillo

    I have a question?I have a 2014, 5.0 Mustang that has a 15 quart coolant capacity. I purchased 2 bottles of purple ice in order to get my biggest bang for my buck? I am currently seeing a cylinder temp of 215 degree,s during the high 80 degree tempature days. Will the 2 bottles be enough or will I need another bottle? Or am my justing wasting my time by doing so? Thank You

  5. Anthony Sous

    I’ve recently brought the royal purple purple ice for my Audi S6 to see if my motor would run cooler. Amazingly it did run cooler what also amazed me was that I had a small coolant leak over night. (unable to find source of leak) after driving for about 4hrs in 98 degree weather the next day I parked my car in the garage, I came out the next day expecting a small puddle of coolant underneath my car long behold there was none! Checked the over flow tank and still had coolant. So it’s been about two weeks now no coolant leak cars running cooler THANKS FOR THE AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!

    • mspears

      It’s great to hear that you had such a great experience with Royal Purple!

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