Three Ways to Thank Your Car This Thanksgiving

During this time of year, we show our thanks to family, friends, and everything we are fortunate to have. However, we often forget to give a proper thank you to our favorite four-wheeled friend. Every car no matter the year, make, or model deserves a thank you for its dedicated hard work. Don’t forget to show some gratitude towards your ride during this Thanksgiving season. Try these three ways to say thank you today!

Give it a wash!

Don’t succumb to the notion that because it’s cold and the weather is a little less forgiving that you should be driving a dirty ride. For those who truly care about their cars know that keeping their vehicles bright and shiny is not only something to be proud of but something that helps prolong the life of the vehicle. This includes the inside!

Don’t put off the easy maintenance!

As it begins to get cold many of us try to avoid the cold as much as possible and this typically includes doing routine maintenance on our daily driver. Bundle up and go do the small things now so when it’s 7:45 AM and you’re running late for work you won’t have to take care of an issue that could have already been handled. Our checklist for “Easy Maintenance”:

    1. Check your tire pressure
    2. Check/Refill your fluids (antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, etc.)
    3. Replace any old or dull lights
    4. Change your oil to a superior synthetic to beat damaging cold starts, learn more here

Say thank you by giving it a break.

Some of us are lucky enough to have a ride that is simply for pleasure. Show your appreciation for your ride by storing it properly. This includes storing it in a dry place, protecting the car with an all-weather cover, topping it off with fuel, and adding a fuel stabilizer. BUT before you do any of this make sure you get one last storage worthy drive in.



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