Tim Wilkerson beats John Force for his 19th career Funny Car win


Tim Wilkerson beats John Force for his 19th career Funny Car win.

Royal Purple lubricants offer superior protection and performance in the most demanding applications. Royal Purple sponsored Funny Car driver Tim Wilkerson used Royal Purple Nitro Plus 70 and Max Gear 75W-90 as he blasted through Qualifying and Eliminations to take the victory at the 32nd Annual Carquest Auto Parts Nationals in Phoenix.

Nitro Plus 70 and Max Gear 75W-90 are incredibly robust formulations that start with a foundation of the highest quality synthetic base oils and state of the art additive packages, and are then fortified with Royal Purple proprietary additive technology, Synerlec. Nitro Plus engine oils are formulated specifically for use in severe, high temperature service where excessive fuel dilution of the engine oil is expected. The Nitro Plus formulations provide superior fuel washout resistance, outstanding corrosion protection, and incredible wear protection. They also separate rapidly from alcohols, nitro methane, and other exotic fuels instead of making a sludgy, snotty emulsion.

Max-Gear oils offer unmatched wear and shock-load protection, and offer greater oil film strength than other premium extreme pressure gear oil of heavier viscosity grades. Because of the superior formulation of Max Gear, the oil provides exceptional cold flow while maintaining viscosity at elevated temperatures.

Royal Purple Maxfilm penetrating oil and Max Tuff assembly lube are products also used by Tim Wilkerson’s crew for ease of disassembly and reassembly of critical components, and reliable, safe initial lubrication of newly built engine and drive train assemblies. All of these Royal Purple lubricants provide the benefit of Royal Purple’s formulation and blend philosophy of building the best, most protective and highest performing lubricants available.

Royal Purple located in Porter, Texas, produces a wide range of high performance lubricants for nearly every consumer and industrial application. Royal Purple’s founder John Williams was a pioneer in the development of high performance synthetic lubricants and collectively, Royal Purple’s formulators have more than 200 years of expertise in developing high performance lubricants. Royal Purple focuses exclusively on developing state-of-the-art lubricants. Unlike companies that primarily focus on fuel and other petroleum byproducts, Royal Purple’s sole mission is to develop products that significantly outperform other synthetic and mineral based oils.

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