Tips to get Royal Purple sponsorship


Royal Purple Motorsports/Events Coordinator Kyle Neal has been weeding through the 2015 sponsorship proposals received during the open submission window during the month of September. As we await our budget numbers for next year, he was inspired to write a post about what he’s looking for in prospective partnerships and your best bet for obtaining sponsorship with Royal Purple.

Don’t bore us – woo us. What makes you and your team memorable? What will catch our eye or show your character? Find a creative way to explain what it is you do within and away from the sport and how you plan to integrate Royal Purple into that. FYI – A decal or logo on your car, plate, suit/jersey, helmet, trailer, and website is nothing out of the ordinary that we couldn’t do ourselves.

Think outside the box. Use the Internet for ideas, but don’t copy resumes, proposals and portfolios. We have seen our share from spiral bound portfolios with color photos to a handwritten proposal on a kitchen notepad. The best ones are not found online, and the ones that are tend to be boring and one dimensional. We need to get to know you and/or your team. Tell us about yourself and the personalities that make up your team that in turn will be great representatives of Royal Purple.

Know more about us than we know about you. Do your homework. Sponsorships are a mix of business and relationship building. This takes effort on your part, as well as time, but showing genuine interest in the company and brand is respected and rewarded. Patience and loyalty to a brand scores HUGE points whether or not you are sponsored this season. There is always next season, and persistence pays off. For example, what if your proposal “knocked it out of the park”, but we didn’t have the budget to move forward with a partnership this year?  With sponsorship budgets depending on how well a company does financially the year before resulting in sometimes fewer sponsorships instead of more, the old adage rings true, “Try and Try again.”

Communication is key -The best way to get on our radar for sponsorship consideration is to communicate with us. Tag us in racing updates, product use photos in your race vehicle or just an occasional shout out via our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you haven’t liked any of our social media, go do it now, it’s the best way to stay updated on what is going on at Royal Purple. If social media isn’t your thing, drop us some copies of photos or print articles from newspapers or printed online articles and send them to us (Motorsports Coordinator, Royal Purple, 1 Royal Purple Ln. Porter, TX 77365). We request hard copies, due to the volume of emails we receive, there’s a higher chance an email might be overlooked or be inadvertently filtered into our “Junk” folder.

Make Us Proud. For Royal Purple the ultimate purpose of sponsoring an individual or team is to expand brand awareness. We also gain useful information about our products from having them run in a variety of racing applications. Whether you are winning races or experiencing technical issues using our product, learning from “real world applications” allows us to improve our products for consumers across the board. My last bit of advice if you are seeking sponsorship – Make it easy to get noticed. Being proud of your accomplishments is a good thing whereas persistence is good but being a pest isn’t. Make sure what you are doing on and off the track is using good judgement and is how we would want our brand to be represented.

Royal Purple located in Porter, Texas, produces a wide range of high performance lubricants for nearly every consumer and industrial application. Royal Purple’s founder John Williams was a pioneer in the development of high performance synthetic lubricants and collectively, Royal Purple’s formulators have more than 200 years of expertise in developing high performance lubricants. Royal Purple focuses exclusively on developing state-of-the-art lubricants. Unlike companies that primarily focus on fuel and other petroleum byproducts, Royal Purple’s sole mission is to develop products that significantly outperform other synthetic and mineral based oils.


  1. 2FastHuberts Racing

    Great article. Not many companies will share this info. I guess that is what makes RP stand out above the rest! Keep up the good work!

  2. Mike Ferstl

    Great advice and thanks for taking the time to share these helpful hints! Very few if any companies share this info with the public and you have gone beyond the norm.

    We will be in touch !

    Mike Ferstl
    Driver and Owner
    Ferstl Racing
    SC SG 6091
    Calgary, Alberta CANADA

  3. Scott Bryant

    Thanks for the helpful information! I have always been impressed with your products and how well they work.

    Best Regards,
    Scott Bryant
    Crew Chief
    Gauger Motorsports – Quadzilla Monster Truck Racing

  4. tony marshall

    Thank you for the info on what you look for ! Missed your deadline but you will be hearing from me ,perhaps some west coast exposure in outlaw sprint kart racing. Gret products you offer and I’ve got purple in everything I own. Would really like some decals fof #49 beg box stock currently competing for rookie honors at red bluff outlaws winter series. These guys all think they gotta run joe gibbs racing oil , but you offer a better product ,less expensive ,easier to find. We got something to prove and your product is helping us do just that . Thank you. Also after installing purple in wifes 2013 accord coupe she swears it idles smoother and has more power !

  5. Timothy Miller

    Thank you for the tips, it is greatly appreciated. We hope to apply them successfully in our bid to introduce Royal Purple to the “Car Guy Nation” of fans watching “The Car Guy Show” and reading “Car Guy Magazine!”

  6. Joe Fontana/outlaw paint

    Yes I would like to take some time to bring you up to speed on a attempt to break 2 speed records on water….one of a kind Machine… a Harley V rod twin turbo PWC…I have quick fuel technology on board with a email adress I can send you a letter of intent….non profit…will be concessions and watercraft to highest bidder proceeds to go to children’s hospital. Danny Thomas foundation….a pice of my work hangs in your building somwhere…it’s a guitar…it’s the bosses office maybe??? Lol I worked for a shop that you sponser and I was the artist that did it…Thanks guys……..FB…Outlaw Paint and Upholstery. …817 701 9688

  7. Lin Hill / NW Truck Pulls,LLC

    I very much appreciate the information you shared. We are bringing back truck pulls in the North West and are very excited about our schedule this year. We will be putting on shows at three different fair grounds this year and will be the opening day program at the Evergreen State fair in Monroe,Washington this August 27. Our other company Dynamic Diesel And Auto Repair has used your products in customer vehicles for the past 7-8 years and have had great success with it.
    I see that your sponsorship program closed back in September of 2014, but would still like to send you a copy of our sponsor package for your consideration. thank you for your time.
    You may contact us by email or phone @(360)563-1361
    Thank you;
    Lin Hill
    NW Truck Pulls,LLC

  8. Chuck Haydt

    Thank you for sharing this information. I use RP in everything I drive including my race car,and well continue to. This is the first company I have found that told us (the racer) what they are looking for. Thanks again.

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