Dylan Kwasniewski

Something amazing happens when you’re an anomaly and racing prodigy because you run laps and command respect against drivers two, three even four times your age. You learn to grow up real quick and drive real fast. You also realize that you’re in the drivers seat because your dedication and passion is the fuel needed to win.

Meet Dylan Kwasniewski, one of the youngest racers to stand tall on a NASCAR winner’s podium. He’s also the youngest winner in NASCAR history by taking the checkered flag at a 150-lap race in Colorado. One week later, he won another one in Montana, again, against seasoned vets old enough to be his Grandfather.

He won his first race ever in his Kart in Norwalk, CT when he was in kindergarten and he’s been hooked ever since. For now, seasoned drivers get a little breathing room until he turns 18 and becomes eligible to compete in the trucks, the Nationwide series and the Sprint Cup Series.

Since Dylan began racing 12 years ago, his uncanny ability to compete, win and post results are what most seasoned pros could only dream of. He currently resides with his mother in Las Vegas, Nevada—who reminds her teenager that trash day is on Wednesdays.

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