Roland Sands

While most kids go wild on bicycles and Big Wheels, Roland Sands opted for something a bit more herculean—an RM50 dirt bike he got for his 5th birthday. Within the first few minutes of riding, he laid it down and broke a bone or two.

From that day forward, Roland’s obsession with anything “two wheels” gained traction and he’s dedicated his entire life to his passion. Not just as a motorcycle fanatic, but as a craftsman who embraces true American ingenuity and determination.

At the age of 14 he swept the floors at motorcycle fabrication shop and worked his way up the ladder and became infatuated with bike design. At 19, he spent his idle time on the throttle of a race bike. For the next nine years he won races and broke records. Unfortunately he broke his fair share of bones, as well. But since a competitive drive pumps through his veins, he left the track and shifted gears for his next professional transition. He applied his keen eye for design and race knowledge and founded Roland Sands Designs (RSD) where he crafts some of the most renown and sought after custom bikes on the road. He’s won the coveted Chip Foose Award of Design and has been featured on numerous TV shows, segments and documentaries. But his real contributions are less about awards and media time and more about how he has helped evolve bike culture through his undiminished enthusiasm for pursuing what he loves most. And that’s to dream it. Craft it. And then ride it.

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