Royal Purple sponsors over 20 Formula SAE® college racing teams. Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International.The premise of Formula SAE is to develop a small Formula-style race car for a fictional manufacturing company. The prototype car is evaluated for its potential as a production item with a target marketing group as a non-professional weekend autocross racer. Each student team designs, builds and tests a a prototype based on specific rules that not only ensure onsite event operations but also promotes clever problem solving.

California State University - Fullerton - Formula SAE

California State University – Fullerton

CSUF’s Formula SAE is proud to announce its best performance ever in the program’s history. CSUF placed 12th in Lincoln, NE and looks forward placing even higher this coming year. This program’s ultimate goal is to give engineering students an opportunity to learn beyond the scope of classroom work.

Dalhousie Formula SAE

Dalhousie Formula SAE

The Dalhousie University Formula SAE team is a student governed society responsible designing and engineering, from scratch, a formula car as per Formula SAE regulations, on an annual basis. DAL FSAE has just completed its most successful season yet (Having ranked overall 20th at the FSUK event, and 14th at the presentation event at FSAE Michigan – out of almost 100 participating teams from universities all over the globe!)


Missouri S & T, FSAE

Missouri S & T

The Missouri S&T FSAE team designs and builds an open-wheel prototype that competes in Formula SAE series events.

LSU TigerRacing FSAE

TigerRacing at LSU FSAE

University of Dayton SAE Supermileage

University of Dayton SAE Supermileage Team

The University of Dayton Supermileage SAE Team is comprised of a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students from various degree fields and levels of education who have a shared interest in being part of a team dedicated to creating a strong, lightweight, and competitive fuel-efficient vehicle. Past and current members have included students pursing degrees in mechanical, industrial, aerospace and electrical engineering, as well as management and business majors. As a student-managed vehicle engineering team, their aim is to present challenges to our members that enable them to learn important elements of engineering design, project management, team dynamics, and business management.

University of Texas Arlington

University of Texas Arlington

University Wisconsin of Madison - Formula SAE

University of Wisconsin Madison

Villanova FSAE - Royal Purple Outperformer


Founded in 2008, the NovaRacing Formula SAE team is a defining aspect of every team member’s college experience, developing the problem solving and teamwork skills critical to excelling in any field. NovaRacing team members work year round, pouring thousands of hours on top of our rigorous academic schedule, to finance, design, fabricate, and race our vehicles. It takes special focus, motivation, and commitment to produce a winning team in this competition. The team has proven to exhibit these qualities and grows from each year of experience. Always facing new forms of challenges, NovaRacing continues to innovate and improve, steadily moving up the standings each year. The team is poised for a breakout year as we develop our seventh car, VU07, and is well-equipped for a top finish.

Virginia Tech Rally

Virgina Tech Rally Team

The 2015 VT Rally, is a group of Virginia Tech seniors who are designing and fabricating a specialized off road vehicle. This capstone design project demonstrates our knowledge and experience gained through our bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech. VT Rally was started by a group of highly dedicated students last year. We will be gearing up to take the team to new heights with the 2014-2015 season.

For the 2015 team, the 2015 vehicle will participate in the Silver State 300, part of the Best in the Desert’s race series in Las Vegas, Nevada. The race is set for the first weekend in May of 2015 and will be broadcast nationally. This race will push the team’s design and fabrication skills to new limits with a chance to race next to seasoned off road competitors.


Wayne State FSAE

Wayne State FSAE Warrior Racing

Warrior Racing is an educational, non-profit student organization that designs, manufactures, tests, and races a small style formula SAE car. The final product is constructed from scratch by members on our team. The experience gained through our program is invaluable to the students who are a part of it. They are able to apply their new skill sets directly into their careers, giving them an edge on the competition. The team has been competing at international SAE events for the last 11 years. After earning rookie of the year at its first competition the team’s success has been growing. The recent competitions this past year built upon the success further, as the team shattered records in the static competition events. Warrior Racing is excited to move into its next season, ready to take on any challenge and excel at the Michigan International Speedway SAE competition.