Lance Gilbert

The Outperformer

“Pushing myself seems kind of like a way of life.” –Champion road racer, custom motorcycle designer, entrepreneur Roland Sands

A Hollywood stunt coordinator. A motorsports prosthesis entrepreneur. An auto racer and engine specialist breaking the gender barrier. A legendary offshore power boat racing team. An elite motorcycle designer and businessman. A teenager who represents the future of NASCAR.

It’s a competitive world and winning is hard. When you decide to enter the fray, winning is never what will probably happen and so being the first across the finish line is a big deal, rightfully celebrated. Every race, though, has a winner.

To us, being an outperformer is not about rising to the top, but about re-setting the bar. Through uncommon creativity, skill and sheer drive, outperformers actually change the game for the good.

And pioneer new ones.

Royal Purple’s high performance synthetic oil and lubricants change the game with additive technology that makes a difference for drivers all over the world—including the six individuals profiled here, outperformers each, who have made Royal Purple an important part of their not-so-everyday lives.