Royal Purple’s proprietary additive technology enables their products to outperform ordinary synthetic and conventional oils. These unique chemistries work synergistically in concert with premium base oils to provide significant performance advantages. Each Royal Purple product is carefully formulated to optimize the performance of the equipment for which the product is intended. Royal Purple’s unique technology include:


Royal Purple’s proprietary, Synerlec additive lubricant technology is the cornerstone of the product line. Synerlec creates an ionic bond that adheres to metal parts to provide continuous protection even at start-up. This ionic bond keeps a lubricating film on the surface of metal long after ordinary lubricants would have been squeezed out by pressure and heat. Additionally, Synerlec-enhanced lubricants actually improve metal surfaces by responding to increased pressure with increased viscosity until the metal peaks (asperities) undergo deformation and flow into the low spots. Over time, the metal surface becomes extremely smooth and can even develop a mirror-like surface. Synerlec also increases the useful life of the oil with it oxidation resistance.


Advanced Synslide technology gives Royal Purple’s EP lubricants meaning performance advantages. Synslide-enhanced lubricants provide maximum protection under boundary lubrication conditions typically caused by heavily loaded, slow speed and / or shock load conditions. Synslide creates a tenacious, slippery film that significantly reduces wear by increasing the oil film thickness and toughness. This helps prevent metal-to-metal contact. Synslide is noncorrosive to gears and bearings, including case-hardened gears that are easily pitted by conventional sulfur-phosphorus EP oils. Synslide additive technology displaces water from metal surfaces and excels in protecting equipment in wet environments. It also fortifies the oil against the detrimental effects of heat, which causes oil to oxidize. The performance of Synslide-enhanced oil is truly beyond synthetic®.


Propriety Purolec additive technology creates superior FDA / USDA H-1 lubricants. Purolec provides outstanding anti-wear properties while providing excellent rust and corrosion protection for all metals. It also fortifies the oil to provide synthetic defense® against the detrimental effects of heat which causes oil to oxidize.


DynaGlyde additive technology forms a tough EP lubricating film that is non-corrosive to both ferrous and nonferrous worm gears. It provides maximum protection for heavily loaded, sliding surfaces typically encountered in worm gear service. It provides extra protection for worm gears operating at slow speeds and those under shock load conditions. DynaGlyde displaces water from metal surfaces and excels in protecting equipment in wet environments.