Your car, truck or SUV as well as your outdoor power equipment will only function as well as the oil you put in it. At Royal Purple, we scientifically engineer high performance synthetic oils that outwork the competition in the laboratory, on the road and in the yard. In addition to freeing up more power and providing greater longevity to 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines, our products help drivers and do-it-yourselfers reduce their emissions and use less gas. Race car drivers and certified mechanics have trusted and relied on our synthetic lubricants for years. Why Royal Purple? Because we make the best lubricants possible, with the best industry-available raw materials and our proprietary additive technology. We developed Synerlec®, our signature additive technology, to provide our customers with industry-best film strength to eliminate excess wear and improve combustion. Look through our catalog to find the full synthetic oil that’s right for your vehicle, or find a retailer near you.