No other line of SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS offers the same kind of energy savings, maintenance savings and improved productivity as Royal Purple. Our INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS consistently deliver a higher level of performance across a wider range of equipment.


The industrial and racing markets associate outstanding quality and superior performance with Royal Purple. This reputation has been earned through Royal Purple’s relentless pursuit of excellence in lubrication.

Royal Purple formulates the most advanced lubricants available on the market today. If you currently use Royal Purple’s products, you already know this. If you do not, they offer the opportunity to greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of your equipment and to lower your operating costs.

Superior Products,
Superior Performance

Lubricants are typically viewed as a commodity, where low price and service issues dominate purchase decisions. Therefore, oil companies seeking large market share have a great incentive to keep manufacturing costs low and little incentive to upgrade lubricant quality.

Royal Purple recognizes that lubricants are not a commodity. Reliable operation of rotating equipment critically depends upon the quality of the lubricant used. Lubricant performance directly and significantly affects how long, how reliable, how efficient and at what cost (i.e. parts, labor, downtime, number of oil changes and energy costs) your equipment will operate. Therefore, Royal Purple will always provide you with the highest quality lubricants available anywhere.

Synerlec® Additive Technology
Beyond Synthetic™

Synerlec additive technology is Royal Purple’s most versatile additive technology and the cornerstone of its product line. Royal Purple’s oils for turbines, pumps, compressors, blowers, hydraulics, gears, refrigeration systems, motor oils, and more contain Synerlec additive technology. It forms a tough, ionic, slippery, chemical film on all metal surfaces.

  1. Synerlec Provides a Thicker Oil Film
  2. Synerlec Creates a Tougher Oil Film
  3. Synerlec Micro-mend Contacting Metal Surfaces

Gas Plant Supervisor

“Since our initial oil fill in November 1991 we have never had to change or drain your lubricating oil . . . which we monitor with an oil analysis program. Furthermore, we have not experienced a single bearing failure since plant start-up over 35,000 hours ago.”

Plant Maintenance Superintendent

Roofing Materials Manufacturer

“Our plant has more than 100 spindle bearings that exceed 7,200 rpm. Prior to using Royal Purple, the average bearing life was approximately four months. Since changing to the RP grease, there has been one bearing failure in over two years, and it was not lubrication related.”


0.1% energy savings exceed the total lubrication cost. —Lubricant cost as a percentage of energy cost was 0.08%. 3% maintenance savings would also exceed the lubrication cost. —Lubricant cost as a percentage of maintenance cost was 2%. If this plant were to achieve an energy savings of 2% and a maintenance savings of 30%, it would produce an annual savings of approximately $3.9 MILLION.


In addition to their superior ability to fully separate and lubricate metal surfaces, Royal Purple’s lubricants offer these additional advantages:

I. Longer Oil Life

Royal Purple’s oils formulated with Synerlec additive technology last considerably longer than other mineral and synthetic oils. Synerlec additive technology protects against oil oxidation, which causes oils to break down, to thicken and to form corrosive acids, sludge, varnish or lacquer deposits in equipment. This greatly increases oil life, reducing the amount of oil purchased and disposed of. Equipment will remain cleaner and will have longer life.

II. Excellent Corrosion Protection

Synerlec additive technology provides superior protection against rust and corrosion in both salt and freshwater environments. Royal Purple’s Synerlec additive technology ionically bonds with all metal surfaces displacing moisture. Synerlec’s tough film strength protects during operation, acts as a preservative oil during shutdown and provides instant lubrication upon startup until a full fluid oil film is established.

III. Rapidly Separates from Water

Water in oil means death to bearings. Many oils form milky oil-water emulsions, which greatly shortens the life of both the oil and the equipment it lubricates. Royal Purple’s synthetic lubricants rapidly and completely separate from water, allowing water to easily be drained from the bottom of the oil reservoir.

IV. Additional Additive Technologies

In addition to Synerlec additive technology, Royal Purple formulates lubricants using the following three additional additive technologies:

A. Synslide® additive technology — This exclusive additive technology offers all of the performance advantages of Synerlec additive technology plus superior protection against boundary lubrication (lubrication between two rubbing surfaces without development of a full-fluid lubricating film) conditions typically caused by heavy loads, shock loads and slow operating speeds. Royal Purple’s noncorrosive, extreme pressure (EP) gear oils and greases contain Synslide additive technology.

B. DynaGlyde® additive technology — Royal Purple’s high film strength, noncorrosive DynaGlyde additive technology contains special anti-wear additives, oiliness properties and cushioning molecules to provide the lubricity necessary to excel in worm gear lubrication.

C. Purolec® additive technology — Royal Purple’s NSF Certified oils for H1 service for use in pharmaceutical and food service plants contain Purolec additive technology. This proprietary, stable, anti-wear additive technology reduces wear yet still meets the FDA’s CFR Title 21 Section 178.3620(b) purity regulation.

V. Oil Cleanliness

Royal Purple’s lubricants are packaged in new, clean steel drums and pails to ensure fluid cleanliness. Additionally, Royal Purple’s best-selling bearing and hydraulic lubricants are filtered to a typical ISO 4406:99 cleanliness level of 14/13/11. (See pages 48-49 in technical appendix.) This is typically substantially cleaner than conventional lubricants delivered in steel drums or by bulk delivery. Bearing and hydraulic equipment manufacturers state this improvement in oil cleanliness will increase bearing and hydraulic component life from 300 to 500 percent. (See pages 52-53 in technical appendix.) Royal Purple is the only lubricant manufacturer that has established these high cleanliness requirements for its standard products.

VI. Saves Energy

Energy costs constitute the single largest expense of operating rotating equipment. The typical energy costs for rotating equipment are 20 to 25 times greater than direct maintenance costs. Royal Purple’s premium, synthetic lubricants with Synerlec and Synslide additive technologies have extremely low coefficients of friction and are proven to save energy over other mineral and synthetic oils in rotating equipment. In fact, Royal Purple’s lubricants frequently produce energy savings from 1 to 3 percent or more. In most instances, these savings exceed the total cost of the oil within several months, turning what was once an oil expense into a profit. Total elimination of lubrication expenses would not produce significant cost savings from the total operating costs of the rotating equipment. However, significant savings can be achieved through small percentage reductions in the large expense items — energy and maintenance costs. See example below.


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