Royal Purple® premium oil filters provide superior filtration and flow, outstanding particulate capacity and heavy duty construction for cleaner oil and longer filter life.



A thick, heavy exterior shell provides extra security against puncture from road debris.

Filter Element

100% synthetic filtration media with steel screen backing provides superior filtration, low restriction to flow and high particulate capacity.

Steel Backplate

Heavy gauge steel provides up to twice the burst strength of ordinary filters.

Metal End-Caps

Provides rigid support for filtration media enhancing internal sealing.

Metal Center Tube

Metal construction prevents filter element collapse.

Bypass Valve

Ensures oil flow in situations of excessive filter element flow restriction.

Silicone Anti-Drainback Valve

Prevents dry starts by limiting oil drain back after shutdown. Silicone outperforms and outlasts standard nitrile rubber in both extreme cold and hot oil temperatures.


Premium nitrile rubber and special lubricity compounds reduce torque during installation and removal.

Each Filter features

  • 100% synthetic micro-glass media that catches 99% of particles 25 microns and larger, and 80% of particles 10 microns and larger
  • High-performance silicone anti-drain back valve that prevents dry starts
  • Extra heavy-duty rubber base gasket that ensures a leak-free seal
  • A thick walled steel filter housing for spin-on filters endures higher burst strength than conventional filters

Filter media Comparison

Average beta rating based on ISO 4548-12 multi-pass test methods:

  • ß25 = 100 (at 25 or greater micron, media is 99% efficient.)
  • ß20 = 75 (at 20 or greater micron, media is 98.7% efficient. Also considered absolute rating.)
  • ß10 = 5 (at 10 micron or greater, media is 80% efficient.)

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