What function does the wire-backed media provide?

The wire backing is to support the filtration media. This further reduces the chance that the filter media could collapse. The use of stainless steel wire provides a strong, durable, AND low restriction way to provide the support.

What is the efficiency rating and at what micron size?

The efficiency of a filter is described in terms of a percentage of particles caught at a certain particle size(and larger). Using the ISO 4548-12 multi-pass filtration efficiency test, Royal Purple filters are: -99% at 25 micron and larger -98.7% at 20 micron and larger -80% at 10 micron and larger

What is the recommended change interval?

Vehicles under warranty should follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended change intervals. For non-warranty applications, the useful life of Royal Purple premium oil filters is the life of the engine oil. Vehicles driven in severe conditions should follow the change intervals recommended in their owner’s manual; severe conditions are defined as racing or commercial applications, frequent …

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