SYNFILM® Recip. 100
August 17, 2018
August 17, 2018
Royal Purple Duralec Super motor oil is a high performance engine oil made for emission-controlled diesel engines utilizing emissions equipment such as: DPF’s, Catalytic Converters, EGR, and SCR injection. Royal Purple Duralec Super is an API CK-4 engine oil. Royal Purple Duralec Super motor oil is specifically formulated to maximize component life, extend drain intervals and improve fuel performance. These premium lubricant formulations provide excellent high temperature resistance and low temperature pumpability, outstanding soot dispersancy, improved rust and corrosion protection, and prevention of varnish and sludge formation.


  • Greater wear protection
  • Greatly extends oil drain intervals
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Keeps engines clean
  • API-licensed CK-4 diesel motor oils
  • Will not harm seals

Available Sizes

GradeAvailable SizesPart NumberItem Number
Duralec Super 10W-30275-Gal. Tote68130300993490316
Duralec Super 10W-3055-Gal. Drum87130300993490008
Duralec Super 10W-305-Gal. Pail85130300993490017
Duralec Super 10W-303 x 1-Gal. Bottle80130300993490195
Duralec Super 10W-301-Gal. Bottle83130--
Duralec Super 15W-4055-Gal. Drum55154300905490008
Duralec Super 15W-405-Gal. Pail05154300905490017
Duralec Super 15W-403 x 1-Gal. Case43154300905490195
Duralec Super 15W-401-Gal. Bottle04154
Duralec Super 15W-406 x 1-Qt. Case06154300905490115
Duralec Super 15W-401-Qt. Bottle01154