High Performance Ultra-Low Viscosity Motor Oil

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High Performance Ultra-Low Viscosity Motor Oil

New engine technologies are designed to increase fuel economy while providing excellent power and responsiveness. Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), turbocharging and engine stop/start functions are now common in late model cars, and present unique lubricant challenges concerning protection while optimizing efficiency.

Royal Purple® High Performance Ultra-Low Viscosity SAE 0W-16 motor oil combines premium synthetic base oils with proprietary additive technologies to exceed protection requirements, provide unsurpassed performance and maximize fuel economy.


  • Optimized fuel economy
  • Enhanced engine performance
  •  Long-Term Protection


  • INCREASED FUEL EFFICIENCY – A low coefficient of friction and specialized formulation exceeds the 0W-16 fuel economy standards without compromising engine protection and performance.
  • BETTER WEAR PROTECTION – Enhanced additive technology prevents metal-to-metal contact beyond GF-6B specifications
  • INCREASED PROTECTION AGAINST LSPI – Up to 100%1 protection; Prohibits major damage to cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings, connecting rods and spark plugs, maximizing engine life.
  • CLEANER ENGINE –  Cleaner engines operate more efficiently.
    • 9%2 IMPROVED DEPOSIT CONTROL – Removes power robbing deposits for like new performance.
    • 11%3 ENHANCED SLUDGE PROTECTION    Lowers operating temperatures & improved compatibility with ethanol containing fuels
    • 7%3 ENHANCED VARNISH PROTECTION    Lowers operating temperatures through effective detergency
  • MAXIMIZED OIL LIFE –  700%2 better oxidation resistance provides protection from oil breakdown.

1 based on API SP, and/or ILSAC GF-6B
2 based on Sequence IIIH testing
3 based on Sequence VH testing


High Performance Premium Full Synthetic Ultra-Low Viscosity 0W-16 motor oil meets manufacturers’ warranty requirements. This product meets ILSAC GF-6B and JAMA warranty requirements for service fill of gasoline engines recommending the use of a SAE 0W-16 engine oil.


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Available Sizes

GradeAvailable SizesPart NumberItem Number
0W-1655-Gal. Drum55016303004175008
0W-166 Gal. Bag in Box60016303004175033
0W-163 x 5-Qt Case53016303004175189
0W-163 x 5-Qt Bottle51016
0W-166 x 1-Qt Case06016303004175115
0W-161-Q. Bottle01016


PDS API Motor Oil SDS API Motor Oil

Proof of Performance

Oxidation Control Advantage

Royal Purple® Motor Oil technology prevents thermal breakdown and thickening of the oil, allowing it to flow through and to critical engine parts, ensuring protection for an extended period.

700% better oxidation resistance provides protection from oil breakdown based on Sequence IIIH testing

Piston Deposit Prevention

Royal Purple Motor Oil delivers advance piston and turbocharged GDI cleanliness to allow for efficient power generation, combustion, and ultimately engine efficiency

9% improved deposit control - Removes power robbing deposits for like performance based on Sequence IIIH testing

Piston Deposit Advantage

Royal Purple Motor Oil promotes exceptional cleanliness, up to 6% more than the industry test limit, enabling oil flow in the most severe operating environments to protect the engine from buildup of sludge

11% enhanced sludge protection and 7% enhanced varnish protection which lowers operating temperatures based on Sequence VH testing

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