Royal Purple® Max-Restore High Mileage is a highly concentrated, high performance fuel treatment that is specially formulated to solve performance problems typically found in higher mileage vehicles.

Poor fuel economy

  • Many older cars and trucks have reduced fuel economy due to poor combustion primarily caused by high levels of carbon deposits and friction/wear.

Higher emissions causing failure of emissions testing

  • Carbon deposits and wear can create higher emissions that make it difficult for the vehicle to pass emissions testing

Wear on critical parts

  • As the miles add up, wear, friction and heat can prematurely age a vehicle

Loss of performance

  • Carbon deposits that have developed over the years are harder to remove than those found on newer vehicles. Until those are removed the engine will have poor acceleration, hesitation, and hard starting.

Max-Restore contains a high dose of polyether amine (PEA) & proprietary detergents that quickly clean stubborn, long-term deposits, often found in high mileage engines, that clog injectors and provides a protective barrier to keep new deposits from forming.

This optimizes the injector spray pattern and better atomizes fuel as it enters the combustion chamber resulting in enhanced power and performance, reduced emissions, smoother idle, and quicker / easier starts.

It also utilizes friction modifier to reduce wear in the upper cylinder to help extend engine life and improve fuel economy.


  • Fuel economy – Restores fuel economy up to 5.9%
  • Emissions – Lowers emissions up to 14.8%
  • Wear – Reduces wear by lubricating key fuel system parts and extends engine life
  • Performance – Restores injector flow by up to 78.5%


Pour entire contents of bottle into nearly empty tank immediately before refueling, then install fuel on top of additive. Minimum recommended dose is one (1) 6oz. bottle to 20 gallons of fuel. The maximum effective dose is one (1) 6oz. bottle to 10 gallons of fuel.


For best results, use at every fill-up. Minimum recommended usage is every 3,000 miles.

Available Sizes

Available SizesPart NumberItem Number
6 x 6-Oz. Case18001500807175053
6-Oz. Bottle18001


PDS Max-Restore SDS Max-Restore

Proof of Performance

Not sure which Royal Purple product is right for you?

This chart helps explain the differences so you can make the optimal choice for your vehicle maintenance.

Proof of Performance

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