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Royal Purple® HMX® is specifically formulated with robust zinc / phosphorus anti-wear additives and Royal Purple’s proprietary additive technology Synerlec® to minimize wear and restore lost engine performance.

HMX is chemically enhanced to revitalize hardened seals reducing oil consumption common in higher mileage engines. Stout detergents remove engine deposits and maintain cleanliness promoting engine longevity.

Royal Purple’s advanced Synerlec technology provides an exceptional film strength by reducing friction for peak engine performance. Synerlec also provides outstanding oxidation resistance to safely extend oil drains, and an ionic attraction to metal components maintaining a film of oil on parts minimizing start-up wear.



  • Minimizes wear and restores lost engine performance
  • Increased protection against LSPI
  • Fortified with Zinc/Phosphorus anti-wear additive
  • Proprietary Synerlec additive technology increase oil film strength allowing for longer oil life
  • Exceptional oxidation stability
  • Reduces engine deposits
  • Superior corrosion protection

Royal Purple meets API Service SL warranty requirements for gasoline engines. API recommends SL oils for 2004 or older automobiles. Royal Purple recommends this product for any four-cycle gasoline engine with 75,000 miles (120,000 km) or more.

Available Sizes

GradeAvailable SizesPart NumberItem Number
0W-206-Gal. Bag in Box11902303046175033
0W-203 x 5-Qt. Case11904303046175189
0W-205-Qt. Bottle11903
0W-206 x 1-Qt Case11901303046175115
0W-201-Qt. Bottle11900
5W-203 x 5-Qt Case37518301906175189
5W-205-Qt. Bottle17518
5W-206 x 1-Qt Case67511301906175115
5W-201-Qt. Bottle17511
5W-303 x 5-Qt Case11749301445175189
5W-305-Qt. Bottle11748
5W-306 x 1-Qt Case11745301445175115
5W-301-Qt. Bottle11744
10W-303 x 5-Qt Case11751301147175189
10W-305-Qt. Bottle11750
10W-306 x 1-Qt Case11747301147175115
10W-3055-Gal. Drum11746


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